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Reasons to Connect With Writers On LinkedIn

It amazes me how LinkedIn gets you connected with so many businesses, and in no time. So for writers, it is the perfect platform for connecting with publishers, agencies and freelancers. As a writer of fiction, magazine columns, copywriting or business writing, LinkedIn hosts 100s of groups where connecting is as easy as clicking a button.

If you collaborate with others on LinkedIn, this becomes a powerful platform for your business. For example, many groups host discussions on job finding tips and job leads. Each thread brings the writers in to discuss the post. You can be sure, if a bad job lead crops up, a writer will happily let you know about his or her experience.

My group has helped content writers find work and gain help from veterans since 2012.  Here are a number of LinkedIn groups worth joining:

  • Fiction Writers Guild – Self-promotion allowed in a thread that you start/own  – over 15,190 members
  • Informed Ideas for Writers – Writers of all kinds are welcome to join the conversation about the present and future of writing. Over 8,400 members
  • LinkEds & Writers – This group is intended for authors, editors, writers, etc. Its goal is to be the preferred place on LinkedIn for wordsmiths to share their advice, joys and frustrations. Over 50,950 members

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