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Is your writing frustrating you or your search for writing jobs?

The bigger issue for freelance writers: My ability to earn OR my writing style.

Most will question the first, how the heck do I replace my job or how the heck do I pay for my bills and find writing jobs. And those upcoming parties, and that house I need a deposit for, and that holiday I promised my partner, and, and,

and, and...

Oh boy, so much stress. Maybe I should go back to a job.

Crunch, Splatter!

Should the search for writing jobs end there??

Of course not.

Often when that occurs, we are not in tune with how we manage our working lives. For example, one writer earns 100s of dollars a day, another next to Nada. Why? The one earning nothing spends time in a haphazard manner by not targeting his or her chosen interests or not by pitching publishers of books, blogs or ezines. The one not earning a cent spends hours reading information to the point where the overload connects with that undesirable moment in the evening wen you actually want to have a life not have it sucked up by the information overload.

So, what does the bad writer do?

Next day, as no plan, the usual and each day is the same.

The successful writer - on the other hand - has planned to pitch a number of publishers and maybe agencies with material. This writer THINKS differently: an agenda, a plan, a course of action able to facilitate a change capable of instilling confidence in any struggling writer.

This writer will have an income plan and next to that, how to improve on his or her writing style. By the end of the day, this writer feels GOOD. A plan has initiated a weekly occurrence of 'how to earn money' tasks and how to become a strong professional writer albeit as a magazine writer, columnist, novelist, blog writer or copywriter.

Making 'tols of nistakes' does not bother this writer, as a plan means progression, writing means rewriting. So, even if the writing looks bad and frustrates, an income plan still progresses.

The successful writer is frustrated by BOTH his or her writing style and income. Why? Both count equally and this writer will action a plan to improve both and reduce any frustration as part of a long term plan as opposed to a 'I NEED IT NOW' plan.

Back to the title: Is your writing frustrating you or your income?

Make sure it is both as part of a robust plan that reduces that frustration through growing as a writer, as a business, and as a human being. When you are that focused, when you become that stuctured that you recognise frustration to be simply a part of the journey, it no longer feels like frustration and morphs into a weapon to drive you forward.

Rome was not built in a day.

Lord of the Rings was not written in a day.

That ad 'SHIT HAPPENS' took seconds to write and boomed.

There are no rules to this game, and believe me, no matter your niche in writing, it is all a game. A game you control if you are willing to go the distance and not be beaten down by frustration at your income shortfalls, your style, your competition - or anything.

Are you frustrated?

Well done, a good sign, now what is your plan writer?

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